Huish Woods, Blackdown District’s Scout Campsite, approached Hatched with the idea of modernising the badger-inspired theme for their new branding. The campsite management believed that the local badger population and its attributes resonated with the campsite’s values of resilience, community, and exploration. The goal was to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity that celebrated the spirit of the badger and be able to use it with the new UK Scouts branding, while reflecting the campsite’s offerings and aspirations.

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The rebranding process began with extensive research into badgers, their symbolism, and the campsite’s history. The team delved into badger behaviours, habitat, and cultural representations. This research unveiled insights that aligned with the campsite’s objectives:

Community and Protection: Badgers are known for their close-knit social groups and their commitment to protecting their burrows. This resonated with the campsite’s focus on building a strong camper community and providing a safe environment.

Nocturnal Exploration: Badgers are primarily nocturnal creatures, connecting with the idea of exploration and adventure under the moonlit sky that campers experience.

Playful and Curious Nature: Badgers exhibit playful behaviours and curiosity, mirroring the spirit of discovery and learning that the campsite offers.


Brand Strategy

Guided by the research findings, the design team developed a brand strategy that seamlessly integrated the badger theme with Huish Woods Campsite’s core values:

Brand Essence: Unearth, Unite, Explore

Brand Positioning: Huish Woods Campsite provides a unique camping experience that unearths the spirit of community, unites campers through shared exploration, and fosters a sense of adventure.

Brand Attributes: Resilience, Adventure, Curiosity, Unity, Nocturnal, Community

Visual Identity

The new logo prominently features a stylised badger face, capturing the essence of the campsite’s theme. The badger’s features exude a sense of curiosity, resilience, and unity. The identity has a moden look to partner the new branding of the Scout Association.


Collateral Materials

The branding extended to a range of collateral materials, including clothing, badges, and merchandise.

Website and Digital Presence

Hatched produced imagery and concepts to be rolled out for all digital touch-points.

On-Site Branding

The badger branding was seamlessly integrated into on-site elements, including signage and campsite facilities. This ensured that campers were fully immersed in the thematic experience.


The successful rebranding of Huish Woods badger identity theme brought a unique and captivating identity that resonated with campers’ sense of adventure, curiosity, and community. The campsite now has the toolbox to roll-out the new branding. We look forward to seeing the brand come to life over the next few years.

Huish Woods Scouts lockup

The rebranding was met with enthusiasm from campers, scout groups, and families alike. Hatched are very proud of the work and loved working with Huish Woods in bringing the branding vision to life.

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