Hatched was approached by Ceva, a global animal health company, to develop the brand for their Eprecis product line. Eprecis is a line of precision livestock farming solutions that helps farmers improve animal health, welfare, and productivity. The aim was to refine the brand, better communicate the benefits of the products and increase awareness and adoption in the market specifically aimed at farmers and vets.

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding

  • Illustration

  • Exhibition & Display

  • Motion Graphics

  • Content Creation

  • Insight

  • Integrated campaigns

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media


We started the project by conducting extensive research into the target audience, the livestock industry, and the competition. We also analysed the existing branding and marketing of competitors to identify opportunities for differentiation. We found that many competitors in the industry used similar branding and packaging, and there was a lack of differentiation and innovation.


Brand Development:

Eprecis already had a strong brand, but working alongside the Ceva marketing department, we were revised the look and overall brand strategy to focus on the precision and innovation of the Eprecis product line.

Visual Identity:

The original visual identity was based around the European market, so we had to adapt the look to reflect the brand strategy and resonate with the UK based target audience. We were able to use existing typography, colour palettes, and imagery guidelines to ensure consistency across all marketing materials.

Marketing Materials:

With the brand and packaging design in place, we then developed new marketing materials for print and digital that would communicate the brand’s values and benefits to potential customers. We also developed social media campaigns that targeted farmers and veterinarians, using engaging content, such as case studies and success stories, to communicate the benefits of the Eprecis product line. We developed a range of promotional materials that could be used at livestock and industry shows throughout the UK.


The brand design was well received by customers and quickly gained a following in the livestock industry. The marketing stood in publications and on industry websites, attracting the attention of farmers and veterinarians. The brand received positive reviews on social media and was featured in several industry publications. The social media campaigns were also successful, with high engagement rates and increased brand awareness.

Hatched was proud to have played a key role in the development of this successful brand  for Ceva’s Eprecis product line. By conducting thorough research and using a strategic approach to branding and marketing, we were able to create a brand that resonated with the target audience and differentiated the product from competitors. The brand’s success was a testament to the importance of strong branding in creating a successful product in a competitive market.

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