Hatched was approached by Road House, a Kent-based house builder that was looking to update its online presence and attract more clients. The company had been in the industry for over 20 years and had built a reputation for quality and innovation, but their website did not accurately represent their brand values or services.

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Our agency began by conducting market research and analysing the website’s existing analytics. We found that the website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and did not effectively communicate the company’s unique value proposition. We also identified key competitors in the market and analysed their online presence to identify best practices.


Website Design:

Based on our research, we developed a website design that was modern, visually appealing, and optimized for user experience. We used high-quality images and video to showcase the company’s portfolio of projects, and we optimized the website’s layout for easy navigation.

We also included clear calls-to-action and forms that made it easy for potential clients to contact the company and request information.

Search Engine Optimisation:

We recognized that search engine optimisation (SEO) was critical to the website’s success, and we developed a strategy to improve the website’s search engine rankings. We optimized the website’s metadata, page titles, and descriptions with strategic keywords to improve search engine visibility.

We also created a content strategy that included regular blog posts and landing pages targeting specific keywords, which would help drive traffic to the website and increase the website’s overall search engine rankings.

Marketing Materials:

We developed marketing materials to promote the website and attract potential clients. We created social media campaigns that targeted potential clients and industry professionals, using engaging content and imagery to build brand awareness and generate leads. We also developed email marketing campaigns that targeted potential clients and included special promotions and offers. We optimised the website for mobile devices, recognising that many potential clients would be accessing the website from their smartphones or tablets.


The new website design and marketing materials were well received by potential clients, and the website quickly established itself as a valuable resource for anyone interested in purchasing land or working with the house builder. The website received high traffic and low bounce rates, indicating that users found it informative and easy to navigate. The company’s search engine rankings improved significantly, resulting in increased website traffic and leads.

Hatched was proud to have played a key role in the development of a successful website and marketing materials for Road House. By conducting thorough research and using a strategic approach to website design and marketing, we were able to create a website that accurately represented the company’s brand values and effectively communicated its unique value proposition to potential clients. Road House’s success was a testament to the importance of strong website design and marketing in attracting new clients and establishing a successful online presence.

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